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We are the farmers, our parents were farmers, our grandparents were farmers, it’s what we know. Our organic farm, located in Harvey WA, is certified with one of the national independent certification bodies in Australia.

We value transparency, please view our certification by clicking here.

We grow organic food because we believe organic food and farming are better for your health and the environment.  We focus on the regeneration of the soil and its microbial activity to provide the most nutrient dense produce. We grow the old fashioned way to produce nutritious and delicious food that keeps chemicals off your plate and out of the environment we all share.

We are passionate about providing fresh, healthy and tasty produce, that benefits our planet and our community.

Our mission is:

To provide the freshest organic produce available

To increase the variety of WA grown organic produce

To reduce our (and your) impact on the environment

We support sustainable, environmentally responsible methods and hope to leave the world better than we found it.  Without you, our valued customer, this would not be possible.


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